Friday, October 23, 2009


On Tuesday I was invited by Dr. Sean Cooper to come and do a Mezzo-mania master class at Bowling Green State University, and was very happy to oblige-- had a wonderful time guiding some lovely young mezzos. I may or may not have invoked Cartman from South Park at one point. but I swear it was necessary. and pertinent.

AND I got to visit the whole family, Jen and Hudson-- who I met a few years ago when Sean and I were performing in Pirates of Penzance in North Carolina and their new family member Sam, who is adorable and as happy as I've ever seen a baby-- even at bedtime. So great to have friends so nearby and the double bonus is that together we form a full quartet! Concerts will certainly ensue...

SO I left a day early and headed out to Columbus to visit the Grandey's and especially Lila who has grown sooo much from our last visit a couple summers ago. and LOOK! she's wearing the sweater that I made for her :)
My heart is glad... this is the first time I've actually gotten a picture of someone wearing my knitting. glee!
We played alot and danced and Lila showed off her adorable Halloween costume and Ali took me to baby stores including Babies R Us so that I wouldn't be so scared to go there alone....

We decorated Lila's room with adorable woodland creature decals, and I just about died of cuteness overload when she walked in to see it and whispered over and over "Oh my gosh!" it was pretty much the sweetest thing ever.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


pattern source
When I updated my status on facebook to alert all present that I would be "felting pumpkins" I was asked if I invented a new verb tense and was molesting a seasonal squash. Not so! I was doing this....