Friday, March 6, 2009

Now I'm a believer

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For a while I eschewed Fresh Direct and their delivery of groceries... My store is only a few blocks away and my mom bought me one of those rolling carts which revolutionized my shopping trips. (if only the cart could mount stairs...)

I saw our lovely neighbors happily trotting up the stairs followed by delivery men with boxes of food and I thought, "that's nice, but I like to browse."

I do not like to browse. I like to eat food, and I like it even better when it arrives like magic at my door.

I was positively gleeful when our first delivery arrived at our door, and then my Fresh Direct love was set like a tattoo on my heart when one of the boxes inexplicably contained an (unordered) jar of Nutella!! I had to show Drake the invoice to prove that I did not break my own no-Nutella-in-the-house ban. They just knew. The good ones always do...

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Valerie, Aaron and Sophie said...

I just wanted to let you know about "World Nutella Day". We missed it this year, but maybe you can celebrate next year.