Tuesday, June 2, 2009


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We had a big graduation party in MA for my brothers Greg and Ben who graduated from high school and college (respectively).

It's so fun to go home and visit. Definitely the best part of living in NYC :) It seems like only yesterday that they were wrestling each other in the back yard and now look at them! Graduated and wrestling each other in the back yard. Now it makes me more nervous than when they were little because they are actually man-ish and can damage one another. I found myself yelling "Wait!! stop!! you're hurting my feelings!!" more than once.

On Saturday we put some foam tiles down in the basement and THEN we went and saw Up! and it was wonderful. I don't want to give anything away but I will say that all 4 of us were laughing out loud and crying (silently) within the first 4 minutes. This continued throughout the rest of the movie. When it was all over Greg said "If you don't love that movie, you simply don't have a heart."

Inspired by the excellent balloon usage in the movie, I went and got a dozen balloons for the party on Sunday-- I attached them to a little ceramic basket and went inside to get longer ribbons and when I came back (after an hour or more-- I'm easily distracted...) it was gone! they blew away. Mom said it was the Holy Spirit, since it was the Feast of the Pentecost.

I was unphased and went to get more. Which also blew away. I then gave up on the balloon idea and decided to jump in the bouncy castle. I then became addled and sat with the other elderly family members for the rest of the day and chatted and reminisced. It was the most lovely weekend.

Congrats Ben and Greg (and Joey who just finished his first year at AMDA and has been surviving and thriving in NYC!) You have all three grown into fine men, you have. Fine men with good strong arms who will help me move at the end of July...

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kplus00 said...

I especially enjoy the you will move me part. I've been saying that to my brothers as well!