Monday, July 13, 2009

Feeling a bit overwhelmed...

chicago-5399, originally uploaded by Alta Marie.

In case any of you are tracking my whereabouts, wondering when I might be staying at your home or am visitable, I present to you my schedule for the next three weeks. (I also present to you this cat, Maui, who had such beautiful sea-blue eyes.)

July 13-18 NYC wrap up/pack up. I will be lunching/dinner-ing, shooting headshots, and doing a photowalk

July 19-22 Colorado visit. Seeing shows shooting fight scenes, doing headshots

July 23-24 (25?) in MA to pick up MA stuff, truck and my brothers

July 25-28th-ish Michigan!

July 30-August 2 Birthday extravaganza (not my birthday, my friends. It will rule all birthdays)

August 3-4 NYC- Drake comes home
(Michigan at some point)

August 8-? Dallas to visit/get our stuff

August 15- begin permanent(ish) residence in MI

I'm planning to have some sort of crying fit/breakdown somewhere between the 8th and 15th. Probably whilst driving the second moving truck up from Texas. Just planning ahead...


kplus00 said...

Heads up. I will be taking Fridays off for the rest of the summer. I decided I needed to take some much needed mental health days. And with 26 vacations days in the bank, why not have long weekends all summer! Again I say, WHY NOT!?!

countalmaviva said...

Alta, don't have a breakdown. We want you to live!

But seriously, haven't you endured greater diversity than a move to MI? What about the move to Shreveport? Or the time your tooth broke? Or the time you sang LLRH like, 50 times with me?

Regarding that video, I nearly peed my pants. BTW, when did your brothers get so stacked?

Tell DD I got some tenorification going on and that I'll be sending some recordings his way soon.