Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I once was lost but now am found....

Drake's tie
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Before I get to a post that's entirely unrelated to the inauguration, can I just mention that I've been crying happy tears of joy at ANY provocation? I read on about how pleased Beyonce was to be able to sing "At last" for the first dance at the inaugural ball and cried. I looked through the picture albums of "Presidential First Pets" and cried then too. I watched the inauguration in a conference room at work with many bankers (my live internet feed went out) and it was torture to hold myself together!! I tried to keep my sniffing to a minimum and thereby was compulsively wiping my nose on my sleeve (which is worse?) Yesterday it seemed that everyone in the subway was wearing an Obama button or hat or some kind of flair. it was wonderful. enough of that (but then again never enough of that...)

This weekend was "Website Re-design Weekend 2009!" Drake and I hunkered down and gathered all of our production photos and sound and video clips etc and walled ourselves in to redesign the ol' websites.

I won't link to his yet, as he is doing all kinds of fancy things which include flash intros and "embedded" things.... I don't know anything about all of that. So mine is finished :)

You may notice that I also designed a new banner using an awesome font (called "sniper") by designer Billy Argel. He has some really lovely stuff and you should check it out.

So all 4 (!) of my websites are updated:
1. Singing & Opera which (finally!) has sound clips and a bonus video clip from Sweeney Todd (2003) I can't believe that I've had a website for 5 years now without any sound clips. ridiculous. For those that are interested in such things, the first two sound clips were recorded in a session this December, the Brahms was from one of my Doctoral recitals in Texas, and the Weill is from a Doctoral recital at Eastman-- It was very strange to sift through audio clips which spanned from 2001-2008 and hear the difference in my voice. (I have really good headphones now which has made a huge difference. So there you have it!
2. Photography (which receives regular updates)
3. Photoblog and
4. Texification-- which shall until further notice, or until I settle in one place for a term greater than 4 years remain thusly named. Though I thank you for your re-naming ideas :) I came up with one too, and bought the site name in case I go with it. we'll see what becomes of it.

So to finally get to the post title.... do you even remember the noro kureyon self striping socks I started in NOVEMBER? My first pair of socks? They have been plaguing me since I started them, and I have started and restarted. They are really not that complicated. You'll perhaps remember that I finished the the first sock ages ago. But I then decided that I wanted the ankle to be ribbed, so when I did the second sock I ribbed it, then had to rip out the first sock (which I am about 3 inches away from finishing.

I also dropped 2 double pointed needles (dpn) into the subway tracks. Also, I lost the second (finished) sock while I was reworking the first and I threw a fit and swore off knitting forever. Then I found it in the laundry hamper, hence the title of this post.

How's THAT for getting to the point :)

(also, you'll notice that I finished Drake's tie!)

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