Monday, January 12, 2009

Things that have threatened to ruin my day so far.

In Central Park
Originally uploaded by Alta Marie
Not this picture which I love.

1. The woman wearing toe shoes. by this I do not mean like a ballerina, I mean shoes where the toes are separate. Like toe socks but with shoes. They were black and flourescent green. It is 20 degrees outside. Maybe they're warm, but they made her look like a lizard and it upset me more than footwear ever has before.

2. The fact that in the Spanish version of their subway ad, Trolman and Glasner Law Firm uses the phone number 1-888-MARGARITA.

3. The woman sitting next to me pulled back her fur hood and it turned out that the hood was not furry, that was just her hair.

4. There was a rubber band in the shape of a heart on the sidewalk.
(I don't know why this ruined my day. I think I was just being dramatic at that point.)

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