Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Green eyes?

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This morning Drake sent me this link which does the genetic calculation to determine what color eye your future children are likely to have.

I have two (slightly) different colored eyes, which a very blunt orthodontist informed me was probably due to a head trauma in my baby-hood or youth. This disclosure went a little something like this:

Orthodontist: "Well, surely by now you've realized that your face is grossly asymmetrical, this paired with the polychromia in your eyes generally indicates a blunt head trauma. Were you dropped on your head as a baby?"

Me: "um... not to my knowledge."

Orthodontist: "Hit in the head with a bat?"

Me: "no"

Dentist: "Kicked near a swingset?"

Me: "...."

Orthodontist: "Maybe tripped and hit your head on a coffee table?"

Me: ...sobbing quietly....

So if you look at the pictures here, you'll notice that Drake's eyes are undeniably blue (and look at his lashes! no fair!) you'll notice that my left eye (which I labled "My other eye" after inadvertently labeling my right eye "my left eye" argh. stupid head trauma is still causing problems....) Any way, my left eye is holding very strong in the brown department, but my right eye, if it were lit up, you'd see it's pretty strongly hazel. Hazel is not an option, so I listed green (which it's not.)

So! depending on whether you take the genes from my left or right eye, our future children are either 50% more likely to have brown eyes (30% green, 20% blue), or 70% more likely to have green eyes (30% blue and no chance of brown)

I guess only time will tell.... and then we'll also know which of my eyes turned colors on me when I was totally blindsided by some as of yet undetermined head trauma in my youth!

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kplus00 said...


how would an orthodontist know so much about eyes? wouldn't he have to be say an optometrist or even an ophthalmologist?