Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Strangers talk to me alot, and I think it's because of my overbite.

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Strangers talk to me all the time. It doesn't alarm me any more, I'm well accustomed to it, but every time one of my friends or family members notice, I always tell them it's because of my overbite. It always looks like I'm smiling, because I can't really close my mouth.

Here are the people who have spoken to me so far today:

1. An older woman asked for directions in midtown

2. Countless solicitors/panhandlers. One man yelled, "Hey Smiling girl right there with the black dress. Don't you CARE ABOUT OTHER HUMANS?!?! YOU'RE WEARING A CROSS I CAN SEE YOU!" I wasn't wearing a cross, it was actually an anchor, but frankly I'm glad that he wasn't staring/following me long enough to see that. (and incidentally, yes. Yes I do care about other humans. A great deal, actually.)

3. A policeman stopped me in the subway to tell me "Miss. You should really try to get your sleep. It's very important." (this was one of the times where I hadn't curled my slack-jaw into what must appear to others as a smile... It must have appeared to be a yawn.) I appreciated his advice. I couldn't agree more. (This happened on Monday, but who's counting.)

4. A drunk stranger at the pharmacy counter who was trying doggedly to cut me in line said "Good morning.... Hey. You're really pretty. Do you know that you're really pretty? What state are you from. I said WHAT STATE are you from? can you hear me?"

It is truly great fun to have an overbite in NYC.

(note: I am actually smiling gleefully in the picture above with my little brother and meaning it.)

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