Sunday, February 1, 2009

The 25 Things that you might not know about me thing from Facebook

I tried not to include anything that you may have already read here...

1. I doubt that I'll list anything here that you all haven't heard before, my life is kind of an open book due to my blog:

2. I pick onions and celery out of most things (we share that Jami). I do, however cook with them. Usually though, I puree them.

3. I accidentally found out about the holocaust too young and lived in constant fear of Nazis putting me in our oven. Fortunately (?) mom told me that they didn't burn musicians, which if you ask me, is a sneaky way to get someone to practice the piano....

4. I called 911 once at a babysitting job and hung up quickly, just so that I could have it on speed dial. Then when the police came, I told them that the kids must have done it.

5. I found a dead dog in the chicken coop once, and that's the excuse I used for never feeding the chickens.

6. I sincerely believed that chocolate was dog poop, until my sisters Bridget Dawn and Anne forced me to eat an ice cream sandwich at the beach once (mom warned me that they would try to trick me into eating it just to see the look on my face.)

7. I have a wall in our tiny apartment that is devoted to other people's ancestors. It's old pictures of people that I found interesting. It creeps Drake out, and so I volunteered to take down the picture of the "mongoloid" (I SWEAR that's how it's labeled)

8. When I was little I would frequently choreograph dances to popular songs, such as "Kokomo" and Billy Joel's "Runnin on Ice." Naturally, Kokomo consisted of labeling different parts of the room and then running over to them when the Beach Boys called them out in the song, and Runnin on Ice, was mainly slipping and falling down.

9. I had a moderate to severe Massachusetts accent, which was beaten out of me in prep school. After that, I can't tell you how many people ask me if I'm Irish, as in from Ireland because of my "accent"

10. When I was abroad in Paris in 1998, more than 10 people stopped me on the street to ask me if I was Monica Lewinsky

11. In 8th Grade my friend Brooke and I were co-editors of the Venerini Academy "news wall" (Catholic School.) We were pulled aside and chastised by the principal for publishing a weekly comic strip entitled "The Adventures of Man-Fetus"

12. Speaking of fetuses, I found a fetus in formeldahyde in the Biology lab on my first day of high-school. That's how I met Cam and Jason (hi!) There are strange strange things in those hallowed halls

13. I ate a lot of Easter candy one year (well every year, but bear with me) because "I was saving the wrappers to use in a stained glass project."

14. I completed a tri-athlon

15. I sing Verdi when I'm sure that no one is listening (for non-singers, it's big rep, and I still think that someone's going to bust into my practice room and slap my hand for daring)

16. Dear God, 25 things is a lot.... diggin deep.... OK. In 5th grade I spearheaded an April Fools trick wherein Danielle was to pretend she cracked her head open in the bathroom, and was unconscious. That did not go over well.

17. Also in 5th grade, Brooke and I managed to work the Swedish Chef into our presentation on Kentucky (because the capitol was Frankfurt, and the chef was cooking Frankfurters)

18. Also in 5th grade, I broke my hand in a cheerleading competition. (It was a big year, and I was profoundly awkward.

19. Once I ate a whole carton of Twinkies while at my Aunt Denise's house because she said I could have as many as I wanted. I've never even glanced at a Twinkie sideways since.

20. When I was little, I wanted to be a singer photographer or marine bioligist. With Marine Biologist being thrown in so as to appear "legit"

21. Once I lied to my mom and told her that I had a project due on Monday on Humpback Whales, so that she would buy me clay to make one for the "3D Element." I lied mom, there was no project due. I just liked whales, and liked to present projects.

22. Once my mom lied when I actually did have a project due on Monday on Meteorites. It did require a 3D object, and mom got a big rock from the driveway and told me she saw it fall from the sky and hit our driveway the night before.

23. I hate strategy board games. I would rather run a marathon than play Risk, Stratego, and especially Settlers of Kattan.

24. When I was young, I always wished that mom named me Sylvia or Crystal (cause they were both shiny.)

25. I've written several stand-up routines and have them archived on a disc called "Chemistry Labs" so that no one will think to look there and sneak read them behind my back.

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