Friday, February 6, 2009

Many Great Ideas!

I am full of them today. I think while I was sick I was storing up all of my joy but didn't know it until just right now. Several wonderful things are happening this weekend:

1. Three photo-shoots (which leads me to...)

2. New lens audition! (it's my first L series try-out for any Canon-philes out there. I rented it from Adorama and Drake picked it up today at lunch and I shall shoot with it all week long!

3. Crafty things! I am working on Sock 2 of Pair 2, and can't wait to begin a tiny baby surprise jacket for Anjali's new baby! Must somehow trick Drake into walking by a yarn store tonight on our way to....

4. Dinner with Josh and Erin at the Risoterria! I've never heard of such a thing, but it sounds creamy and delicious, doesn't it?

5. Perhaps crafting some sort of genuinely sweet Valentine? By this I mean that lately, since I've been feeling better, I've kind of been making fun of Drake. Goodnatured-ly naturally, but nonetheless, I have been breathless with laughter a couple of times the last few days and I think out of the corner of my eye, or then again in plain sight I saw his disbelief/squinty-eyed-headshaking. This Valentine will have no jokes, it will be just very sweet to all appearances.

6. Workshop at Carnegie Hall with Maestro Helmuth Rilling! We're working on Haydn's Creation and perform it on Valentine's Day Night. (which thwarted Drake's secret plan to whisk me away to surprise Valentine's Dinner at the Monkey Room in W'burg. curses! I wonder if they have real monkeys there... if so, then perhaps we should reconsider this Carnegie Hall gig....)

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