Thursday, February 5, 2009

It wasn't a bad reaction to working out. It was Strep Throat

Yes. Every singer's worst nightmare. That's what I had. I started feeling faint-y on Sunday but part of me felt that maybe I was feeling that way because we were singing Purcell in Dec and Can-- which means the 8 of us were split into two groups of four, which maent we were one on a part instead of two. This always makes me slightly anxious when I haven't had a chance to rehearse.

So on Sunday my general malaise and faintiness was attributed to 1. working out and 2. Purcell. There were a couple close calls. I came very close to fainting during the final hymn. Monday morning I wasn't entirely well, and by Monday afternoon I seriously considered that I might curl up on the fainting couch in the ladies rest room at work. (yes we have one. I wonder what men have in their rest rooms?)

Tuesday I was entirely unwell, and stayed home from work. I went to meet my new Doctor at HelloHealth here in Williamsburg. A wonderful thing, this HelloHealth! I arrived at the office, and my Doctor was sitting there at the front desk-- he was the only one there. I arrived early thinking that I'd have to fill out a million forms (even though I had filled out my online profile) but no! He finished up a call with a patient and we started my appointment early! Then, after he determined that I had strep throat, he went into their mini pharmacy and just gave me the medicine. So I was in and out in a half hour, and left with my medicine in hand. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

I was advised to take 2 full days of antibiotics before returning to work and so I did. Day 1 was miserable and consisted of changing a million times into warmer and cooler lounge clothes, napping, making soup, and trying not to swallow since it hurt so much. Day 2 was much more enjoyable (comparatively) and I finished Sock 1 of Pair 2. I love it. Maureen gave me the sock yarn for my Birthday, and Katie suggested the pattern. It's Monkey by Cookie A. and is available for free. A lovely pattern, and my first attempt at lace work. I am pleased. Sock 2 now travels with me and will be completed anon.

Movies I watched (or slept to) while infirm:
1. Catch and Release
2. A Room with a View
3. Wayne's World
4. Being Julia
5. A Prairie Home Companion
6. The Notorious Bettie Page
7. Little Miss Sunshine (again)


CDG said...

I have Monkey in my Rav Q (was that English?). That sock yarn looks yummy! Glad you're better. Sorry you were sick :(

Alta Marie said...

Sock yarn is great :)
I am *this* close to finishing! Strep throat was awful, but life is good now