Sunday, February 15, 2009

Catch-up time!

So this weekend went really well. Pictures are prohibited in the entirety of Carnegie Hall which broke my heart a great deal. A couple times during the week there was a photographer who came in ad I saw him in the back during the performance, hiding under a giant black mantle all old-timey style. I'm hoping that I'll be able to swing acquisition of a picture or two. Obviously I'll share.

Many things! Here are some of the lovely flowers Drake gave me for V-day/Carnegie hall day :) they were lovely. He gave me some at home and then had some waiting at the Stage Door too, which was really lovely. The concert went well-- two days before the soprano canceled and they brought in Heidi Grant Murphy, with whom I did a Master Class about 10 years ago. During the dress rehearsal, I reminded her of this and then we both felt old. Then, on the day of the concert, the tenor had to cancel due to illness and they brought in a new tenor, Nicholas Phan, to sing it that night point blank! no rehearsal. He had done The Creation before, but in English, not German. He was really quite excellent.

An exciting week, all in all! Although, I am looking forward to a day off tomorrow to catch up on a bit of photo processing and knitting.

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