Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sundara yarn will finally be mine (in May...)

This woman has it figured out. She has the most beautiful yarn I've ever seen depicted in hanks and finished projects on the internet. I have been desperately trying to obtain some of this yarn for my very own, but she usually offers only three colorways per month and since December I've been waiting for the perfect colors. In February she launched "The Crusade Against Winter Gloom" and every other day she put up limited edition colorways at different times. After 3 failed attempts at acquiring yarn in February, I literally set an alarm for 1 am in a last-ditch attempt to get there in time to actually purchase the yarn. Still failed. you had to have been the the speediest typer with the speediest internet connection in the world to even have a shot at this stuff. Drake will testify that I spent most of February in the depths of despair. My only ray of hope was when Katie got some of the silk lace yarn... I actually knew someone who bought this yarn! All was not lost!

So today she started the new March sales: "Flowers from my mother's garden" and it's mine! all mine! 2 Skeins of Poppy (the middle one, though truthfully, I love all three.) Unfortunately I have to wait till May for it to be shipped, but I don't mind. I know it will arrive sooner than I think and that one fine day when this arrives on my doorstep, I will be happy indeed....